December 8, 2023


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What you need to Know About Solar Pool Heating System

A warm pool is everyone’s desire, however, heaters for a pool cost an arm and a leg. For public pools it can be possible since they are earning from people who use their pool but what about residential pools? Isn’t it fascinating to have your own pool at home and you can dive in every time. The Solar Pool heating system will be perfect for commercial and residential pools. 

Factors to Consider in Solar Heating System 

Pool size 

The bigger the pool the more solar panels are needed. You have to be able to know the exact measurement of your pool to know the budget you need for having a solar heating system installed. You can always ask for the assistance of solar services to give quotes for accuracy. 

Average regional temperature

Regional temperature can affect the solar energy needed to warm-up pools. Places with cold weather require more energy to warm up the water in the pool. So if you are living in a place with more cold seasons then you have to expect more consumption of solar energy.  

Temperature desired 

Different people have different body temperatures. Some may require warmer water to tell that the pool is warm. If this is the case then, more warmth is needed and so is the energy to heat the pool. Solar pool heating systems have adjustments where you can set the temperature you want. In this way, you can get the warmness of the pool you desire.  

Solar resource site 

Since solar power is taken from the sun, the position of the solar collectors is important. The location also matters a lot. Is the location open to direct sunlight? Or is it in a shaded area? Getting direct sun rays can power up your solar collectors better. Make sure that the area where solar collectors would be positioned is perfect enough to collect enough solar energy. 

After evaluation of all the details necessary for the solar pool heating system, you have to be familiar with how a solar pool heating system works.

How a Pool Heating System Works

  • The pump sucks water from the pool but before it reaches the pump, it will pass through the strainer. 
  • From the pump, it proceeds to filter. When it passes through the filter, debris is removed to avoid obstruction as the water moves towards the solar collectors. 
  • The filtered water then proceeds to the solar collectors where it is heated or cooled. Since solar collectors have automatic sensors, it will determine whether the temperature of the pool needs to be heated or cooled. If heat is needed, it makes it warm enough to make the temperature of the water in the pool get the ideal warmness it needs. But for hot climates, if the sensor detects that the warmness of the pool is just the same before it passes through the collectors, then it will just pump it back in the pool as is. On the other hand, if it detects that the pool should be cooled down then it will do so instead of heating it. 
  • Then it just repeats its cycle once activated or if it’s automatic, it works when it needs to. 

The solar pool heating system works as simple as that, but it requires enough knowledge to run it. Besides, proper usage can make its durability longer. Another thing to choose from would be the type of solar collector. 

Unglazed collector system 

This type doesn’t include glass coverings. Materials used here are heavy-duty rubber or plastic treated with UV light inhibitors which is purposely to extend the life of the panels. This is ideal for places with above freezing temperatures. These are cheaper though because of the materials used. 

Glazed collector system 

The glazed collector system has iron- tempered glass coverings and it is made of copper tubing on an aluminum plate. This type of collector can transfer solar-captured heat more efficiently than unglazed ones.   

Knowing how the solar pool heating system works before having one installed will be a wise step to make. Don’t forget to contact your solar services for more technical information you can get. It can help you get the most efficient solar pool heating system ideal for your pool.