July 18, 2024


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Review of the Stickley Designer Rugs

Review of the Stickley Designer Rugs

Stickley designer rugs offer you works of art originally designed by Asian weavers in India, Nepal and Pakistan. These are not just artistic works, but are functional items of home furnishing, and Stickley Furniture offers you these beautiful rugs to complement the company’s range of home furniture made in America by American craftsmen and women.

When Stickley craft their furniture, they first source the finest hardwoods they can in the USA, such as genuine American walnut, American cherry, quarter sawn oak and beautiful maple. When the same company offers you designer rugs, it ensures that they are hand-knotted from the finest wools, and hand-woven by the best weavers these Asian countries offer so that they will last for generations.

Stickley Furniture is known for its high quality and attention to detail, offering you a very high quality of product. Stickley designer rugs are hand-crafted from the world’s finest wools, and in a range of patterns and designs to suit any room in your home irrespective of the style of your interior d├ęcor.

How Stickley Designer Rugs Are Made

Once the natural wool has been chosen and dyed, the fibers are layered to prevent penetration of contaminants such as dirt and spillages into the interior of the fiber: this is similar to the way slated or tiled roofs prevent rainwater entering your home.

If you spill wine, or any other colored substance, it is easily cleaned off because the spillage is restricted to the outer layer of the woolen fibers. Wool is more durable than most natural fibers, as any sheep would agree if you asked it, which is why woolen artifacts have endured throughout the ages.

Each rug is made by hand by tying woolen strands into the canvas base, each strand dyed to produce beautiful patterns with traditional designs. Among these designs produced for modern homes, are patterns based upon the works of modern artists and also traditional eastern designs with a Persian origin.

The Benefits of Wool

Among the benefits of wool is that it both insulates and retains its heat, so that it can help to keep your room warm when it is cold outside. Synthetic fibers tend to lose their heat faster than wool. Another benefit of wool, that might not be relevant to you personally, is that if you drop a cigarette, or other high heat source, onto a synthetic rug such as nylon or polyester, it will melt. Wool merely singes and is easy brushed back into perfect condition.

Wool not only resists burning, but also resists soiling and is hard-wearing. It absorbs sound more effectively that synthetic fibers, and can withstand continuous use for hundreds of years. The Dalai Lama use wool for his horses’ blankets, and woolen carpets have been created for thousands of years in the Far and Middle East of China, Persia and India.

Stickley Furniture offers a wide range of rug designs. Each is made from pure wool in the traditional tied fashion, and you are sure to find a design and color suitable for any room in your home. Other rug suppliers tend not to offer unique designs in pure wool, instead focusing on synthetic fibers that are less hard wearing and less comfortable to walk or even lie on.

Among the more beautiful of Stickley rug designs are:

Mondrian: Named after the Dutch artist of the same name, the design is typical of Piet Mondrian’s early work. His fascination with cubism is obvious, and this rug would look very appropriate in a room decorated and furnished in the Mission or Amish style. The wool is taken from Himalayan sheep, and knotted by Nepalese weavers.

Prairie Sand: This rug style, designed in the form of a stained glass window, is inspired by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright who instituted the Prairie School of Architecture. The style is based upon the ‘Arts and Crafts’ era where the rug represents the provision of light into the home. This is another Nepalese hand-made rug.

Mahal Coral: This rug is made in India, and is based upon a traditional Persian design (modern-day Iran). With leaves intertwining with tendrils on a cream background, the rug is fashioned from Ghazi wool that has been hand-spun and high-twisted – the latter offering excellent resistance to spillage and ease of cleaning. With 120 hand-tied knots in every inch of carpet, this will last many generations.

Stickley designer rugs offer a wide variety of designs, each of them fashioned from hard-wearing wool and not a synthetic fiber in sight. The colors are vibrant, and beautiful rugs such as these will look wonderful in hallways, living rooms and even in the reception areas of major corporations. If you want to impress, Stickley designer rugs make it easy for you!