2 Easy Step To Hang Curtain Rod on Drywall: Like a Pro

How To Hang Curtain Rods on Drywall: LIKE a Pro

To hold curtains, you need to have curtain rods. The set up of curtain rods in your grasp bedroom, eating home, residence office environment or any other room can be handled by a qualified, but you can do it by yourself effortlessly. The following guide will show you how to install curtain rods in your house.

As soon as you have panels in the correct width and size, dangle the curtains using this uncomplicated steps to hanging curtain rod.

Guarantee that you have all the instruments you need to have right before you get started. You may require these tools..


  1. Typical Stage
  2. Multi little bit screwdriver
  3. Electric power drill
  4. Hammer


  1. Curtains & Material
  2. Curtain Rods and Add-ons
  3. Hollow and Drywall anchors
  4. Pen, Pencils and Markers
  5. Curtain Rod Brackets

Let’s get started out,

Move 1: Decide on Curtain Rod and Make a decision Wherever To Set up

Choose the curtain rod diameter

The first step in setting up a curtain rod is determining where it ought to be set up. A handful of typical locations to put curtain rods are offered below.

Select Curtain Rod and Decide Where To install Curtain Rod

By putting the curtain rod way too near to the window, a home appears more compact than it genuinely is. If you want the excellent curtain placement, you should really measure the depth of the window frame to figure out the suitable weighty obligation curtain rod bracket dimensions. Preferably, you want curtain brackets that are longer than the depth of the trim. Your curtains would not dangle the right way if they’re far too shallow.

  • Choose a measurement of the width of your window frame. Be aware this measurement.
  • Applying a pencil and tape measure, mark the desired place of your curtain brackets. Ideally, the curtain rod should really be placed 4 to 6 inches over your window frame. You can make a window seem greater by hanging the curtain rod higher than it.
  • It is also advised that the curtain brackets be put 4-6 inches outside the house the window body ( both equally sides 4-6 inches ). Also  Mark the wall with a pencil to point out this spot. By Doing this you will get lots of normal light  when the curtains are open.
  • When setting up curtain rods, hang the rod so that it extends at the very least 4 or 6 inches over and above the window on every single side, which allows your curtains to overlap each the window and the wall so that light does not leak by the edges. 
  • Mark your window a few situations with pencil: in the middle and on both facet. Preferably, these marks should all be 4 to six inches better than the body of the window.

Phase 2: Put in Bracket and Cling Curtain Rod

It really is quite simple to hold curtain rods, and you you should not require a lot of applications to do it. Which include a speedy guide intended to make clear how to hold curtain rods in drywall, you can follow this very same treatment by mounting your hardware on other surfaces with insignificant variants.

Generally, you require two to 3 brackets (dependent on size of curtain rod ). When your window decor necessitates heavier curtains, a heart aid bracket will be beneficial. EX – For steel curtain rods ranging from 1 inch to 1 ½ inch diameters, two brackets up to a 60-inch (5 toes) span are ample. Above 60 inches, three brackets are advised.

Install the brackets and hang curtain rod

  1. Spot your very first wall mount help bracket where you built a mark on the wall in the prior step. Make confident it is straight by placing the stage on best. Guarantee that the mounting bracket is straight by using a carpenter’s degree. Mark the spot of the screw holes with a pencil.

    Place your first wall mount bracket where you made a mark on the wall

  2. Stick to the very first phase on the opposite aspect of your window. Acquiring marked your heart bracket right after installing the conclusion brackets is beneficial if you are applying a extensive curtain rod or your heavyweight curtains want extra assist.

    Place your first wall mount bracket where you made a mark on the wall

  3. Get your drill and an proper bit and commence drilling. Then drill holes where the pencil marks are produced for mounting hardware. Putting in in drywall requires plastic wall anchors for good assistance.

    Take your drill and an appropriate bit and start drilling

  4. Right after you have placed the wall anchors, thoroughly attach your bracket to the wall. Placement the anchors so the screws go into the wall anchors. To make certain that it really is straight, use your stage the moment yet again. When it truly is in area, tighten the screws via the wall anchors by drilling (or applying the screwdriver).
  5. Repeat stage four to the other bracket. Double-check to make certain each individual bracket is secure.
  6. Put in your curtains on your curtain rod following the brackets are in area. Connect curtain rings if they are incorporated in your set up. Put in the curtain rod in the brackets.

    Install your curtains on your curtain rod after the brackets are in place.

  7. Make absolutely sure your brackets are however protected right before hanging the curtains. Near and open up them in advance of finishing to assure they are operating correctly.

Curtain rods are an integral component of any curtain or material procedure. A extensive range of curtain rods is accessible. Deciding on the correct curtain rod is important due to the fact it should really enhance the total aesthetic of the home. Browse Right here in Details to -> Different Types of Curtain Rods and Tips to Decide on Correct Curtain Rods