May 19, 2024


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Why You Should Get Rid of Rats

5 reasons why getting rid of rats are difficult - Rentokil ID

Have you discovered rats on your property? Well, this is the time to have a rat removal exercise on your to-do list. Rat invasion to properties is likely to cause more harm than good to the homeowner. To get rid of them, seeking assistance from experts is vital, especially when the invasion is from a group of rats.

Running to shops and purchasing rat repellents or simply ignoring rats can bring more problems to the property. Rats will not leave when ignored, and they will utilize this chance to welcome their stay and multiply under your watch.

A rat infestation can be more dangerous than many people can imagine. But do you know the implications of rats invading your property? Here are some of the reasons why you should seek rat removal from your household.

  1. Rats gnaw and chew things…a lot

What you may never know is that rats will cause more damage to wood and rubber materials. Primarily, your electrical cable insulations, appliances handle, shoe soles, and many more rubber components. Gnawing on this item helps them maintain sharp teeth. 

However, as a homeowner, you will likely suffer severe instances, notably from electrocutions and damages to your other items. You will end up suffering additional costs on repairs and damages. Sometimes replacements on items will be needed when damage is beyond repair.

Rats also eat their way in your thermal insulations, especially on the wall cavities and loft spaces. An increase in utility bills is expected when they cause havoc on your insulations. This can be noted when warm air is allowed in the house in the summer, and you will have to run the air conditioner more often and vice versa.

  1. They show no respect to your home

A rat is never going to ask if it is welcomed to your property. When rats decide to welcome themselves to your property, you will never like it. The damages caused by nibbling walls, roof eaves, cabinets, and boring holes that allow other rodents  access to your property and sometimes also leaks from downpours.

If you have a small garden at home, then you will not like it. Rats like to chew and feed on the soft plant bulbs when the plants germinate. Sometimes they dig up your seedlings and seed after plating them. They will eat anything that they can feed on from the garden.

  1. They Spread diseases

A notable issue from rats is that they are super carriers and spreaders of diseases that can prove harmful to humans and other animals. Rats spread these diseases through urinating and defecating everywhere on your property when they mark their territories.

Rats’ disease is likely to cause stomach upsets and illness after a few days. However, the diseases can be harmful and lead to death, usually in young children and pets.

If you suspect you have rats on your property, then it is time you seek rat removal services. Reach out to Elite Wildlife Services and let us handle your property invaders professionally.