June 16, 2024


Interior The Freshmaker

The Many Options of a Finished Basement

Many homes across the nation are missing out on valuable additional living space in their homes. Just because your basement is unfinished with bare concrete walls and floors making it only ideal for storage and hosting the HVAC units, doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. With a little time and money you can take this dark, unused storage space and convert it into a valuable living space that has the potential to host any number of purposes; guest bedroom, game room, home office, family room, or media room.

Is your basement sitting empty?

If you answered yes, then it’s time to make better use of this valuable, additional living space in your home. The possibilities are endless to any homeowner that has an empty basement.

How can I utilize my basement?

Take some time and consider your options. There is no need to make a hasty decision before you’re ready. With time and a little imagination, your basement can be transformed into a master bedroom, home office, playroom, game room, or a space for you and your better half to relax and meditate. It will be done in no time!

Remodeling your basement will add square footage to your home and increase the overall value without any major renovations. However, there are some important questions to ask before transforming your basement into a usable living space.

How important is the heating and cooling system in my new space?

The heating and cooling units will need to be modified to meet your specific needs and handle the extra load of your new living space. These kinds of details may be best answered by an expert instead of doing your own guesswork. In the event your heating or cooling unit is not large enough to handle the extra square footage, you will need to add an additional unit to help handle the extra load.

Will my new space need to be re-wired?

If your home has existing wiring in the basement, it will not need to be replaced. However, if there isn’t any existing wiring, you will need to install wiring to power the new living space. Don’t hesitate to call a professional electrician to evaluate the space and discuss the best options to meet your specific needs.

Always take into consideration what the space will be used for and discuss it with your electrician. Speak to him about lighting, as well as easy access for outlets being placed throughout the room.

Should I insulate my new space?

Yes! Your new space should be insulated to help keep the heating and cooling costs down.

Is there specific flooring I should use in my basement?

Of course you want to consider personal taste and style, but even more important is making the most of your investment. In this case, most people know that basements are prone to experience some sort of water damage-either from pipes leaking or flooding. Regardless of how the water enters, it’s bound to happen.

Be careful when choosing organic materials such as carpet, wood, and paint. As these items are the preferred food for mold, meaning once the moisture hits and the mold begins to grow; your organic products will maintain and develop the mold colonies.


Always feel free to contact a local expert before jumping into a home improvement project of this magnitude, as you want to make the best decision for lasting quality and cost efficiency.