A Design Lover’s Guide to Safe Summer Road Trips

Whether you associate road trips with being dragged across the country by your parents in an RV too small for both you and your annoying sister or breaking loose with your college pals, American Spirits in hand (remember those days?), there’s something undeniably freeing about taking to the open road. This summer, with the pandemic not yet in our rearview mirror, hitting the highway with your partner, your friends, your dog, or just yourself is also one of the best options for living out something close to a “normal” summer vacation, a much-needed breakaway after spending months in the same place. Here’s how to do it in style—and safely.

Do your due diligence.

<h1 class="title">Low Angle View Of Sequoia Trees In Forest, California. USA.</h1> <div class="caption"> A road running through the iconic Sequoias in Redwood National Park, California. </div> <cite class="credit">Photo: Carmen Martinez Torron / Via Getty Images</cite>

A road running through the iconic Sequoias in Redwood National Park, California.

Photo: Carmen Martinez Torron / Via Getty Images

You want to plan ahead, but you also want to leave open the room for change and

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A landlord’s guide to coronavirus: your questions answered

Thousands of landlords are facing an uncertain future. Coronavirus has caused some tenants to lose their jobs, meaning they may struggle to pay rent. 

Many buy-to-let owners are confused about what their obligations are to tenants at the moment and what financial support they can claim to stop their income from drying up during the pandemic. 

Here we answer some key questions affecting the rental market, from whether landlord insurance covers coronavirus to when running a buy-to-let counts as being self-employed. 

Landlords’ repair obligations have not changed in light of the coronavirus outbreak. The Government has advised all households to practise social distancing so it may not be advisable for landlords to visit properties to assess issues themselves. An alternative option could be to do so remotely via video call. 

Chris Norris of the National Residential Landlords Association, a trade body, said some landlords were having trouble securing … Read More