Small Space, Big Style – Shavonda Gardner’s California Home

Influencer and designer Shavonda Gardner is a believer in slow, sustainable design. “Curating a home is a marathon, not a sprint,” is a mantra Shavonda repeats often to her followers and clients, but it’s also how she approaches her own home.

Shavonda and her wife, Naomi, were living in a basic builder house in Sacramento, California when they decided to trade their cookie-cutter home for a smaller place with old-school charm across town. The couple and their two children, Michael and Bryanna, downsized from a 2,400-square-foot house to a 1,200-square-foot cottage.

To make the two-bedroom home work for their family of four, Shavonda and Naomi took what had been the den and made it into their bedroom, and they gave the kids the two “real” bedrooms. The smaller space didn’t stop Shavonda from making bold choices with their decor—nor did it turn them into a family of minimalists. “Just because

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Factbox: California, New York and Illinois ‘stay at home’ orders

(Reuters) – Three U.S. states – California, New York and Illinois – have issued similar statewide “stay at home” orders directing more than 72 million residents to remain in their homes for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus pandemic. New Jersey and Connecticut are expected to follow suit.

Here is a look at what is allowed – and what is not – under the most sweeping government clampdown yet in the worsening public health crisis.


Residents have been ordered to remain in their homes and not go to work unless they are in an “essential business.” Residents are allowed to visit essential stores and take walks.


Quite a few businesses are defined as “essential.”

– Pharmacies

– Food outlets including grocery stores, farmers markets, food banks, convenience stores, takeout and delivery restaurants

– Banks and related financial institutions

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