July 16, 2024


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Part Time Vacancies And Working From Home

Part Time Vacancies And Working From Home

For many years our culture has been accustomed to the separation of home and work environments. When the first part time vacancies became available many considered working from home unorthodox. To a point it is, and many people are still concerned about the impact working from home will have on the family. However, the idea of working from home does appeal to many, while the status and credibility of those working from home is about equal to those that work in an office all day.

The benefits of working from home are numerous. Part time vacancies include flexibility, saving time and money, and personal freedom. The flexibility offered by working from home means you get to decide the hours you keep and helps you create a balance between work and life. You can build your work schedule around your personal schedule, whether it is your children, personal appointments or study time. Flexibility can, however, also be a disadvantage if you are a procrastinator or unmotivated because you have no superior to keep you inline. To be successful you need to be accountable and responsible.

Accepting a part time vacancy and working from home saves you time because you no longer need to wake up two hours earlier to get to the office on time. Regardless of the type of transport you use, getting to and from the office easts up hours of your life. The average commute time to and from the office varies between 1 hour and 3 hours. If you are the lucky ones who only travel an hour you could save 22 hours a month by working from home. You will reclaim almost a day of your life every month, not to mention the aggravation of sitting in traffic or missing your bus or train. However, the commute from your bedroom to your home office is short. You can wake up late, take your time making breakfast and coffee, see the kids off to school, throw a load of laundry on and vacuum the house before you start work. Let’s face it you don’t even need to shower or get dressed if you don’t want to, you can just wake up and start work.

Working from home means you can make money while you save money on your commute, wardrobe, lunch and day-care to mention just a few. Not only will you save money on daily commute because of petrol and parking but the maintenance of your vehicle will cost less in the long run. You can work in your pyjamas, T shirt with shorts or denims, whatever you feel comfortable in. So there is no need for spending excessive amounts constantly upgrading your office attire. No more costly lunches, you can easily make food for yourself or cook extra the night before and have it for lunch. Working from home eliminates the need for day-care or a baby sitter, saving you thousands each year or even each month.

A work at home part time vacancy gives you personal freedom of a flexible position that will allow you to save time and money while balancing your family and career. Your 8 hour workday will be an 8 hour workday and the rest of the time can be better utilised enjoying life. So if you are serious about working from home, get started. Make a list of what you need to land a part time vacancy and make working from home a reality.