July 14, 2024


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Organizing and Documenting for Your Custom House Construction

Organizing and Documenting for Your Custom House Construction

Everyone knows that the custom house construction process implies a lot of paperwork and a lot of bureaucratic procedures. Just imagine how would it be like to lose a very important paper to the house construction process. Wouldn’t you go mad? You’ll find out that being very organized is everything, and this doesn’t mean that you only have to put all the paperwork in one single drawer and leave it there.

Each transaction you make creates another set of paperwork and you should take into consideration categorizing everything: warranty, permits and approvals, financing, contracts, invoices, land purchase, paid receipts, materials information, contractor and subcontractor communication, architecture and design.

The best solution for you is to opt for a permanent portable system. Having important information at your fingertips is really important, especially when you are on the construction site. You can use this step-by-step method for organizing the paperwork:

– Create a bulleted list with categories
– Make copies for documents you need on the construction site
– File a copy in your file system at home
– Place copy in the binder in the corresponding category to home file system
– Make reviews each day, always adding everything that appears new

You can try using e-mail for communication; it saves a lot of time and it allows a quick sharing of files – images, sketches, invoices, designs, or memos. Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes are perfectly suitable for what you need, you can set up different folders for people and subjects in order to ease every storage. Remember that you should use any device that helps you be better organized and save time.