December 8, 2023


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On A Budget? List of Affordable Fabric Suppliers in the UK

Sure, it’s tempting to let your hair down and buy a particularly sumptuous piece of fabric to work with as a one-off while you’re sewing or crafting for fun. When you’re buying fabric on a regular basis, working on projects that demand greater quantities of fabric, or sewing and crafting for a living, you’ll have to be much more conscious of your budget. Fabric costs can make or break a project. It can help you figure out whether you can afford to go ahead with your ambitions, whether on a personal level or in terms of business profitability.

Pound Fabrics

Fabrics start at under £1 per metre on their website! Despite the fact that many firms charge this for a little swatch of fabric or a fabric sample, they are happy to provide you with exceptional value. Since their inception, they have received an overwhelmingly positive response, with over 90% of their customers requesting that they expand their price ranges, which they have now done. All fabrics are up to 90% off their original retail price!

As a fabric supplier, their textiles are all sold by the FULL METRE. They are always open and straightforward, and they keep things easy. Many other companies charge by the half meter, which makes pricing appear inexpensive until you get to the checkout.

Create Fabrics

Create Fabrics is a fabrics upplier in UK that specializes in upholstery, curtains, and pillows. Their purpose is to supply their consumers with distinctive new materials at reasonable pricing. With such a large selection, they’re confident you’ll locate the perfect cloth for your project. Beautiful drapes and shades, coordinated seat covers, and upholstery are just a few of the goods created by their customers. Choose Create Fabrics to help create something great today!

Croft Mill

Croft Mill has a lovely collection of both printed and plain craft fabrics, quilting fabrics, soft furnishing fabrics, and dressmaking fabrics. Some are as low as £3 a metre, and many are between £5 and £7 per metre.

To bring you great and unique stock, they source from both local and international designers and fabric suppliers. Ends and sampling lengths account for a large portion of their fabric. This is sourced from both high-end and high-street designers, and their inventory is always changing. Once a week, you’ll find something on their website that might be gone the next.

Remnant House

Remnant House is a fabric supplier has a large assortment of low-cost textiles, many of which are under £6 per metre. They have a large selection of textiles because they believe that diversity is crucial, especially when it comes to creative arts and crafts. They are certain to offer something for you, whether you are looking for a unique patterned cloth, fleece material, or even haberdashery supplies. Their selection includes specific alternatives for dressmaking, quilting, and even dyeing, ensuring that you have all you need for your textile-based hobbies!

Cheap Fabrics

Cheap Textiles offers fantastic savings on all fabrics in the UK, with shipping starting at just £3.95. Using our sample service, where you can get samples from us for just 99p, you can always be confident that you are getting the proper requirements. There are no additional fees for samples delivered in the United Kingdom. Make your first port of call for all your fabric needs in the United Kingdom.

Minerva Crafts

Minerva Crafts has a vast selection of fabrics for less than £6 per metre; many of their dressmaking materials, including the viscose jersey featured, are approximately £4-£5 per metre or less. Some of their textiles are available for as little as £2.99 a metre. When you’re in their fabric area, choose the sort by price option to see the cheapest items first, which is a very useful function.

Fabric Direct

Fabric Direct is a fabric supplier strives to provide inexpensive fabric online at all times so that everybody may obtain the materials they want and need at a reasonable price. They attempt to maintain a stock of fabrics that are affordable without sacrificing quality. Fabrics for various forms of sewing can be found in their vast collection, which contains a variety of fabric types, weights, textures, patterns, and colors.

You may quickly browse our selection by selecting from a variety of categories, or simply ask for assistance if you’re unsure what you’re searching for. We also have cheap fabrics and clearance products to make things even more reasonable.

Weaver Dee

Fabric and haberdashery fabric supplier on the internet Weaver Dee has a lot of cheap textiles under £6 per metre. They provide a wide selection of poly cottons in both designs and plains, all for approximately £3 per metre! It’s only £3.30 a metre for this beautiful wooded one.

Expect to see some of the most well-known sewing brands and fabric suppliers, as well as some interesting new names you may not be familiar with. They’ve swiftly established a reputation for two additional crucial qualities: amazing prices and great customer service, in addition to their broad product line.

Abakhan Fabrics

Abakhan Frabic Supplier takes pride in providing excellent value for money in their extensive selection of Fabrics, Yarns, Crafts, Sewing Accessories, and Haberdashery. They are dedicated to providing their clients with the best things at the lowest prices, and they constantly have stock lots, clearance parcels, and special offers available.

Abakhan Fabrics is a great place to go if you’re seeking cheap fabrics for dressmaking and crafts. They have hundreds of dressmaking fabrics, including poplin, lawn, gingham, satins, silk taffeta, wool, jersey, and more, with many of them priced under £6 per metre – you may specify a budget range when searching.

Last Words

Get a good deal and get a lot more fabric for your money! Our primary point is that, regardless of how tight your budget is, quality should always take precedence while looking for cheap cloth from fabric suppliers. The suggestions above might help you find a wide range of low-cost cloth that will meet your needs and get your project started for pennies. Take a look at their website right now! We’re here to show that high-quality materials and inexpensive pricing can coexist. Grab yours now if you’re looking for low-cost fabric!