June 23, 2024


Interior The Freshmaker

Interior Design Tips To Help Sell Your Home This Season

It’s been about two years since the news of the pandemic broke. Since then, there has been phenomenal growth in home selling that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. As soon as a homeowner finds a realtor, their home goes through the closing process shortly after that. Supply is at a record low, and demand doesn’t seem to be slowing down, either. With so much success in this seller’s market, it almost seems as though all you have to do nowadays is place your house on the market, and loads of buyers show up to buy no matter what. Although the current market seems like a seller’s dream, it is still a good idea to spruce your house up to get it ready to sell. So, if you are putting your home on the market this season, here are some essential design tips you should include to ensure your house is on-trend for spring.

Use Lighting As a Statement

Lighting isn’t just for brightening dark rooms anymore. While it is good to have lighting throughout your house for functional purposes, sometimes it’s also good to have lighting that serves as a statement piece. For instance, if you have an industrial decor in a room in your home, keep the theme going with some unique industrial lamps that complete the look. Or, if you have a mid-century modern decor, blast off into the future by taking a step into the past with a sputnik-style light. This quirky light brings in an enormous amount of light while imitating one of the most popular designs within mid-century modern decor. 

Jazz Up the Outdoors

It seems like the outdoors is the new indoors these days. Many homeowners are finding ways to make their patios feel just as comfortable as their living room. They are doing this by incorporating soft, durable seating, televisions, outdoor kitchens, bars, elaborate fire pits, and more. The outdoor space is no longer an afterthought. Homeowners are putting a lot of thought into outdoor spaces because spaces for socializing all-year long seem to be in high demand among buyers. The more comfortable you can make your outdoor experience, the better. And if you want to sell your house fast, improving the exterior will provide an excellent ROI return on investment.

Shutter Your Windows

If you want to do something to your windows other than replacing them, it may be a good idea to add a stylish window treatment instead. One of the hottest trends this season is adding shutters to your window instead of draperies. Choosing a bright color will blend well with the season and allow you to switch from privacy to allowing in lots of light quickly.

Splash on Blue Paint in the Interior Most realtors will tell you that one of the best ways to improve your interior and get your house ready to sell is to put some fresh paint on the wall. While most will tell you to stick to neutral colors such as beige and off-white since it’s spring and homes are selling fast, you may be able to get away with a splash of blue. But not just any blue will do. The season’s trending color is a light, watery blue that gives the impression that you are enjoying the outdoors on the French Riviera. So it is a good idea to stick with pale, soft shades of blue. You don’t have to submerge your entire house in blue, either. You can add an accent wall in a bedroom or paint a home office.