May 19, 2024


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How To Spot Quality Solar Panels


Since 2016, solar energy has been a popular trend. The federal tax credit for installing solar panels was extended to 2022. Since then, thousands of solar contractors have been created. The same goes for solar panel producers. There will be more products sold, but less quality, as is the case with any industry that has seen a large influx. It has become more difficult to distinguish the quality of solar panels with so many manufacturers pushing their products. If you’re lucky enough to find a skilled solar installer with years in the business, they will likely be able to provide high-quality, top-rated panels. To help you find the best solar panels, there are several qualities that make them stand out from others. We have compiled a list of these attributes.

Energy Efficiency

When choosing solar panels, the energy output is a key factor to consider. You will get more bang for your bucks with higher-quality panels.


The majority of commercial and residential solar installations are located on rooftops that are exposed to the elements. High-quality panels can withstand the elements better than other panels and are made of stronger materials.

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