June 23, 2024


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Duck and Wine Combos are the most popular and frequently served!

The 10 Best Wine and Duck Pairings - Italy's Finest Wines

If you are a wine lover and enjoy occasional drinks, you should surely look for a good wine cooler so that you can have a perfect cold drink at any time you’d like. You’ll have to decide what to offer whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply hosting the occasional dinner party.

Assume you’ve chosen duck, which is an excellent decision. What wine would you serve with your duck dinner, and does the cooking manner make a difference? Continue reading for the best wine with duck pairing suggestions. But first, let’s establish the most fundamental fact!

Why is Duck Served with Wine?

As with many good dinners, the quality of one dish can draw attention to the quality of the other. That’s why duck and wine work so well together. They’re great on their own and much better combined. 

Duck is dark meat, which means it has a richer, gamier flavour character. Duck is sensitive, delicate, and can take on the flavour of the way it’s cooked, even though it’s still foul. Duck is also richer and slightly fattier than chicken, making it even more adaptable when it comes to wine pairing. Following are some of the most liked and frequently served wine and duck pairs!

  1. Gewurztraminer with Curried Duck

When choosing a wine to pair with spicy food such as curried duck, you should seek one that has its spicy kick. The rich flavour and zestiness of Gewurztraminer make it suitable for recipes with a hint of heat in addition to the spice. Due to its modest sweetness, Gewurztraminer can also temper the spiciness of curried duck.

  1. Sauternes and Duck Pate

In this decadent pairing, the creamy duck pate enhances the sweet botrytized flavour of Sauternes. The acidity of the wine is also adequate to cut through the rich, fatty pate. The idea with duck pate is to contrast such a powerful and decadently salty meal with an equally opulent yet sweet wine, such as Sauternes. 

  1. Peking Duck and Zinfandel

Spices and sweet-and-sour contrasts abound in Peking duck, as they do in other Asian meals. There’s also a hearty and crisp plum sauce. This tantalizing mix goes well with Zinfandel, which has its rich fruits and spices like pepper and cinnamon. The sweet and acidic tastes of the duck pair well with Zinfandel, and its big body and stronger tannins are just right without being overbearing.

  1. Pinot Noir and Pan-seared Duck Breast

Finally, duck and pinot noir is a pairing made in heaven. Pan-seared duck has a milder flavour than other duck recipes, as well as less fat and richness. That’s why Pinot Noir and seafood go so well together. It has fewer tannins, so it won’t overpower, but it also has enough acidity to balance off the fat in duck. Pan-seared duck can take on harsher flavours, but Pinot Noir’s adaptability means it can manage it. 


That’s all there is to it! Wine and duck pairings are many and diverse, so you can pick your main meal while still having lots of wine selections.