July 14, 2024


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Destiny’s House of Wolves Expansion Preview

Destiny’s House of Wolves Expansion Preview

Bungie lifted the curtain on the full slate of content to drop with House of Wolves, the second major expansion to shooter MMO Destiny. This Destiny Expansion reveal, complete with trailer, shows new story missions, new multi-player maps, a new co-op mode, a new competitive event, a new quest hub, a new strike mission, and the new top-tier gear.

This expansion tasks players with hunting down the House of Wolves, a faction of Fallen who rebelled against the Queen of the Awoken. Players meet with the Queen’s forces in the Vestian Outpost, a new social space in the Reef. The Wolves bit the hand that showed them mercy in the aftermath of the Fallen’s failed invasion, and the Queen promises to reward those who carry out her vengeance.

The most unique new multi-player content in House of Wolves is competitive event Trials of Osiris. The H.O.W. Expansion reveal unveils Elimination multi-player mode, in which two teams of three engage in a best-of-nine series of no-re-spawn death matches. Players can revive downed teammates, but the rounds will be fast-paced. The twist is the rewards system revolves around items that tracks your wins and losses. If your team racks up three losses, the item doesn’t buy anything and you have to start over. However, there are gear rewards for a win streak of two, three, five, six, seven, and eight.

There are also four new multiplayer maps, one of which is a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive. Trials of Osiris, however, will take place in a single multi-player map per week. H.O.W. seems to be a promising addition to the diversity of challenges that Destiny brings to it’s guardians. With the Prison of Elders addition, I feel that Destiny have given the reigns to the players and I’m sure we are up to the task.

New co-op content includes a survival mode called Prison of Elders, and a strike mission, The Shadow Thief. Both send players of the gear ladder toward the new top-tier equipment, designed with an Egyptian pantheon motif. This expansion will also increase leveling caps on older gear, breathing some new life into stale load-outs. However, notably missing from this expansion is any word of a new raid.

The Destiny House of Wolves Expansion reveal shows off the content that will go live May 19th. It marks the last full content patch included in the original season pass purchase. Get it on Xbox one and PS4.