July 16, 2024


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Building a New Home – Why Choose the Kapiti Coast

Building a New Home – Why Choose the Kapiti Coast

For some people, living in the city is an idea to be frowned at. Small spaces, high property prices and no room to raise a family. There are plenty of up and coming small towns in New Zealand that make great places to live. Rural areas are less congested and offer a more laid back lifestyle. If that is something you are looking for, Wellington’s Kapiti Coast might be the place for your new home and lifestyle.

Property prices along the Kapiti Coast, in towns like Waikanae and Paekakariki, are some of the most reasonable in the Wellington area. The Kapiti area itself offers all of the amenities you could hope for while still keeping that small-town feel. A big positive to getting away from the city is having room to raise a family, as well as better property investment opportunities so you have something to show for your accommodation costs instead of losing money to rent.

Waikanae is the last stop for most of the trains that will take you south to Wellington for easy city access. Thirteen dollars will give you full train access for a day. The tickets allow you to make multiple stops along the way and return home at the end of the day on the same fare. Travelling the full line takes approximately fifty-five minutes.

Finding some of the best house builders Kapiti has to offer isn’t difficult. If you are thinking about building a new home in the small town, plenty of larger companies have house builders that serve Wellington and its surrounding area. With cheaper land, you will have a lot more money to play with when it comes to custom building your dream home.

The one downside to living along the Kapiti Coast is the hour long commute for those who work in Wellington can get a little overwhelming. This is made somewhat easier with the TranzMetro trains that offer reliable service to and from the city hourly and half hourly during peak times. If you can find work in the area, or only have to commute two or three days per week, the Kapiti Coast offers all the amenities that mean regular trips to the city are unnecessary.

For a laid back lifestyle in a rural area – not too far from one of New Zealand’s main centres – the Kapiti Coast has everything you could want. Get away from the constant motion of the city, and find some of the great, cheap property near the Kapiti Coast beaches. It isn’t just a property investment – it is an investment in you.