May 18, 2024


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Before and After: Home YouTube Studio Design

Home YouTube Studio - Renegarde Empire

The ever-changing work environment has led to flexible and dynamic professions. Working from home may be commonplace nowadays, but it includes more than desk work. Filming, broadcasting, and streaming are also gaining popularity. One recent client needed a home YouTube studio that’s both practical and sleek enough for live broadcasts. Read on to see an industrial-chic office at its finest. 

The Challenge: Setting Up a Home Studio for YouTube

A multi-functional space comes with many thrilling challenges. They are exciting because they push interior designers to think out of the box and produce innovative solutions. For this project, the designer needed to:

  • Ensure the home office feels good to be in and is clutter-free 
  • Create a virtual interior design that shows the room’s flexibility 
  • Choose an appealing backdrop for the client’s YouTube studio setup at home
  • Provide plenty of attractive storage solutions 
  • Supply additional seating as an alternative to working at a desk
  • Include a dark but neutral feature wall

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Inspiration for a Home Youtube Studio

Youtube home studio setup inspiration images

The client loved the look of a stylish masculine YouTube home studio setup. His inspirational images show web filming and their attractive backdrops. Those he favored most have professional but trendy settings. From industrial-style to earthy to modern minimalist, these interiors are diverse but share a common thread. Each space leaves a good impression. Plus, these setups have great lighting and neat surfaces. 

Moodboard & Studio Design 

youtube studio setup at home with a wood floor - Ryley B

Decorilla home YouTube studio design

The client had an idea of what he wanted but needed a little help to refine his vision. Fortunately, a quick interior design style quiz starts Decorilla’s process. Armed with his results, the team could conduct a fruitful consultation. From here, Decorilla matched the client with two interior designers perfect for the task. And it was during the initial proposals that the client fell in love with Ryley’s YouTube home studio setup. 

home youtube studio mood board

Decorilla moodboard for a home YouTube design

Ryley B. put a dark, limewash feature wall right at the center of the moodboard. It gives the client a good idea of the room’s possible final vibe. The gray wall would anchor the backdrop complete with plants, industrial shelving, and stunning artwork. Ryley also suggests stylish storage for the client’s filming equipment. An L-shape sit-to-stand desk with an ergonomic chair and lounger would provide two distinct areas for work and mindfulness. 

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Home Youtube Studio Result

youtube home studio setup with a light wood floor - Ryley B

YouTube home studio setup – Decorilla 3D rendering

In no time, the final design boasts a high-end, luxurious yet masculine designer look. Setting up a home studio for YouTube might be challenging, but this space makes it seem effortless. A striking double feature wall sets the tone for an aesthetically pleasing film studio. The rich color scheme of deep gray, dark brown, beige, and green certainly make a great combo.   

home youtube studio with light floor - Ryley B

Chic home YouTube studio – Decorilla 3D rendering

The large room is light and bright due to its vaulted ceiling. The design keeps the upper tier white which maximizes the lightness even more. That said, the dark wall provides enough contrast and depth to make a stunning and captivating background. It also complements the tones of furniture and décor.   

YouTube Home Studio Setup & Details 

setting up a home studio for youtube with a light rug - Ryley B

Example of setting up a home studio for YouTube – Decorilla 3D rendering

An expansive L-shaped sit-to-stand desk forms the main work area. Here, the client can move from desktop to laptop, sitting to standing, and filming in a few short movements. The layout ensures it’s easy to transition from one activity to the next. Plus, professional lighting is within reach whenever they’re needed. 

youtube home studio setup - Ryley B

YouTube studio setup at home – Decorilla 3D rendering

The design also offers the client the choice between a light wood floor with an abstract rug and a dark teak floor. Both are handsome but change the atmosphere ever so slightly. With the rug, the space feels cohesive and as one. Whereas the alternative can form a more industrial and darker look. 

There is also an option of two bookshelves. One is a wood A-frame and the other is a black steel case. Again, both impact the look differently while being equally sleek. Regardless, an Eames chair with a concrete side table makes a statement in either arrangement. It looks chic, relaxed yet professional. A huge planter and an oversized abstract artwork add the final touches.  

home youtube studio - Ryley B

Alternative home studio look – Decorilla 3D rendering

Although not within a viewer’s line of sight, the room’s storage is elegant with a designer’s edge. A steel filing chest and a large cabinet add convenience and space for the client’s filming equipment and knickknacks. An ergonomic chair makes up the final but essential part of the design. Together, the room makes a user-friendly and stunning studio for multi-faceted workdays. 

Online Shopping List

youtube home studio setup shopping list

Decorilla online shopping list

Each completed project is designed to make putting everything in place at home easy. And although a YouTube setup can be complex, it’s fuss-free with Decorilla’s help. The photorealistic 3D renderings, implementation guide, and online shopping list make it possible. And as a bonus, many items come with exclusive discounts! 

Top Picks for a YouTube Studio Setup at Home

You can update your home studio too. We’ve put together the essentials of this project – use them to guide or inspire your studio design

Top pick for a youtube home studio setup

  1. Sit-to-stand Desk 
  2. Abstract Art 
  3. Trendy Cabinet 
  4. Floor Light 
  5. Eames Chair 
  6. Silver Rug 

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