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Before & After: High-End Decorating for a Luxury Home

High end decorating for an entire home

New house? Brilliant! However, the weight of decorating can become overwhelming. Fortunately for one client couple, they turned to Decorilla to make their grand house a home. With high-end decorating and an interior designer’s help, they could achieve more than they imagined. Read on for the reveal!

The Challenge: High-End Interior Design

At times, even one room can be challenging. Now the challenge grows exponentially with each added room. But the great thing about a whole-house design is that the designer can ensure a cohesive look throughout. For this mammoth project, the designer needed to:

  • Include striking high-end wall art
  • Create a uniform look but stay true to the comfort level of each room
  • Use high-end kitchen design ideas equally luxe and family-friendly
  • Ensure the luxury interior design is comprehensive, including a wine cellar and family lounge

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High-End Decorating Inspiration

high end kitchenand living design ideas

The client appreciated the clean aesthetic of white interiors and loved a touch of splendor in the form of gold or marble. Feature lighting design was also a must-have on their list. In the inspirational images, layers of light accentuate and complement the interiors. It’s what brings warmth and depth. Additionally, high-end decorating features in all the clients’ interior design ideas.

High-End Home Décor Moodboard & Design

high end decorating in a living room

Decorilla high-end interior design

The clients already had a designer in mind for their luxury home. It was Laura A. – one of Decorilla’s top designers. Laura’s portfolio captured what the clients were looking for: high-end living and curated décor. Given that they picked their interior designer, the clients now only needed to complete a quick interior design style quiz and brief. And with this information, Laura could work on her initial proposal.


high end home decor ideas in a mood board

Decorilla mood board featuring high-end living room decor

Fortunately, Laura is no stranger to big projects. This meant she could dive right in and work systematically. She created a mood board for every room, showing furniture, finishes, and lighting. Together, they formed a cohesive picture of what the home could look like. What’s more, it also featured high-end kitchen design ideas the clients wanted.

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High-End Interior Design Result: First Floor

high end decorating for a multi-story house

High-end decorating result – Decorilla 3D rendering

At first, the space was a two-story house rife with opportunity. Now the interior boasts refined luxury from one room to the next. The spacious home opens up to a grand foyer and interiors made for intimate and grand entertaining on the ground floor.

Entryway with High-End Wall Art

high end home décor in an entryway

Foyer with high-end home decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The entryway is all white with a marble feature wall leading to the main areas of the home. It also gives a glimpse of the upper floor, adding to the airy and luxurious look. A super plush rug, pots, and wood detail give the space an earthy feel to balance the cold textures. Making the foyer feel even taller, wood trim reaches to the ceiling where a clustered of ornate pendants adorn the open space.

Lounge Featuring High-End Living Room Décor

high end living room design

Sleek and high-end living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Wood trim and marble accents continue in the grand lounge. Here, high-end living room décor bolsters the room design. Yet, the space feels very comfortable and livable too. A huge U-shape sectional, contemporary chairs and an extended fireplace are to thank for this quality.

Kitchen, Pantry & Wine Cellar

kitchen with high end home decor

Interior with high-end kitchen design ideas – Decorilla 3D rendering

Forming part of the same room as the lounge, the kitchen, breakfast nook, and dining area complete the design. More wood in cabinets, the island base, and the breakfast table give an organic touch. Additionally, exquisite lighting design complements the high-end kitchen design ideas.

high end interior design details

High-end decorating of a pantry and wine cellar – Decorilla 3D rendering

With clever divisions, like the hidden pantry and vertical glass wine rack, the open concept features distinct zones. High-end decorating is subtle but effective. It also has ample storage to ensure a neat and organized look.  

Exclusive Dining Room

Dining room with high end decorating - Laura A

Stylish high-end interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Behind the vertical wine cellar and next to the lounge sits a formal dining room. A long custom wood table and upholstered dining chairs form the base, while a striking chandelier highlights the space.  

High-End Guest Bedroom & Bathroom Design

Stylish high-end interior design - Decorilla 3D rendering

Guest room with high-end decorating – Decorilla 3D rendering

In addition to the public spaces on the ground floor, a high-end bedroom design adorns the home. The room is a celebration of delicate contemporary design. It comes with a high back headboard, a complementing rounded bench, and super soft bedding. It also has a romantic air thanks to gentle lighting, soft accent pillows, a round mirror, and fine line art.  

high end decorating in a master bathroom

Chic bathroom with high-end wall art – Decorilla 3D rendering

The guest bathroom is equally sleek. It has a massive walk-in shower, showstopper lighting, and more beautiful high-end artwork. A floating counter and illuminated mirror also make the space feel roomy.

Luxe Mudroom & Laundry Room

high end home décor in a contemporary mudroom

Contemporary high-end decorating – Decorilla 3D rendering

The ground floor also features a stylish mudroom. Here another striking pendant gives a high-end interior designer look and feel. Again, ample storage ensures the space is tidy and practical. Wood detail also softens the coolness of the white scheme.

high end interior design in a washroom

Practical laundry room in a high-end interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Similarly, the laundry room is a prime example of organization and tidiness. Appliances, storage, and baskets form a practical workflow and enhance the look of the design.

A Duo of Powder Rooms

high end home decor in a bathroom

Powder room with high-end wall art – Decorilla 3D rendering

Two powder rooms add convenience for guests and family members. They are also very pleasing to the eye as both feature unique designs and high-end wall art. 

high end decorating for a bathroom

Powder room with high-end decorating – Decorilla 3D rendering

Where the one powder room has a gray stone and white theme, the other has a slightly more organic style channeling the feel of a luxury getaway by the coast.

High-End Interior Design Result: Second Floor

high end decorating and design ideas

Upper floor of the high-end interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The upper floor is for family. That said, it still ticks all the boxes of luxury interior design. Big rooms make for grand statements as well as the ultimate in comfort.

Loft Lounge & Staircase

high end interior design entryway

Staircase leading to the high-end living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Past the foyer, a minimal wood staircase with a glass railing leads to the upper floor. Its clean and neat, giving way to high-end living room décor on the landing.

high end living room decor in a contemporary family room

Cozy room with high-end living room decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The cozy family room is the first place you see after climbing the stairs. Like the downstairs lounge, it also features a U-shaped sectional. However, this one has even deeper seats and extensions made for lounging. The high-end luxury design has a bit of a coastal air thanks to dark blue accents in a pouf, rug, and scatter pillows.

high end living room design in coastal colors

High-end decorating – Decorilla 3D rendering

The space also features high-end wall art and a coffee bar for early morning coffees or nightcaps before bed. Floating shelves add practical storage for cups, books, and décor.

High-End Master Bedroom Suite Design

high end bedroom design with wall art

Luxurious high-end bedroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The showstopper master bedroom is bright and airy. The super plush bed is certainly the focal point with a contemporary pendant highlighting the space. What’s more, the upholstered headboard sits in front of a marble wall and two flanking mirrors. The room also features a great rug, stunning fireplace, and lounge nook.

high end home décor in a dressing room

Twin dressing rooms in a high-end interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The master suite wouldn’t be complete without a duo of dressing rooms. Here the couple can take their time to get ready in the morning. Built-in open wood closets come with accent lighting, giving them a warming glow. Two comfy benches also add practicality and aesthetic value to the rooms.

high end bathroom interior design ideas

Master bathroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

As part of the high-end bedroom design, a luxurious bathroom finishes the look. It’s grand and opulent. A great chandelier hangs above a stand-alone bath flanked by walk-in showers. The showers, bath, and marble wall make a striking focal.

high end interior design

High-end home decor in a bathroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

To complete the bathroom, identical cabinets flank the room with wrap-around mirrors and wood detail. Storage ensures everything is in its place, while comfy seating encourages time to slow down.

Kids’ Bedroom & Bathroom

high end kids bedroom design

High-end kids’ bedroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The kids’ room is contemporary, fun, and stylish. Twin double beds and two workspaces ensure both are happy and ready to take on the world. The high-end bedroom design features contrasts and light-hearted artwork.

high end interior designer bathroom

Contemporary kids’ bathroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The kids’ bathroom continues a higher contrast scheme that feels young and lively. A tub, shower, and twin basins take care of the practicality of a luxury shared bathroom.

Online Shopping List

shopping list for high end decorating

Decorilla shopping list

Each Decorilla project comes with an online shopping list to guide clients through product selections and aid in one-stop shopping. With help, high-end decorating is achievable. Moreover, projects also feature a style guide and trade-exclusive discounts!

Top Picks for High-End Decorating

High end interior design top picks

You can create your high-end interior design with a few key items. If this sounds like you, try our top project picks and high-end décor below to spruce up your interior!

  1. Painted Canvas 
  2. Wall Decor 
  3. Light Rug 
  4. Troon Chandelier 
  5. Knit Pouf 
  6. Lounge Chair 

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