February 25, 2024


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A Sensitively Rebuilt ‘Mr Fluffy House’ In Canberra

The work of architecture and design Sans-Arc Studio spans multiple sectors and Australian states. What captivated Sans-Arc Studio director Matiya Marovich to this individual residential venture in Canberra was the problem: to design and style a compact, new dwelling on a restricted funds — to heritage requirements. 

The Ainslie website was formerly host to an asbestos-riddled residence, acquired and demolished by the ACT government, with the land offered to the recent proprietors. Inspite of staying a new build, its spot in the Wakefield Gardens Housing Precinct restricted the home to 127 sq. metres (as for each the primary dwelling) and expected the around-precise external physical appearance to be replicated. ‘The compact footprint, demanding setbacks, and heritage constraints ended up the main worries in the project, but by natural means provided the major chance for creativity,’ claims Matiya. 

Sans-Arc Studio’s subsequent exterior style mainly mimics the first dwelling with its painted white brick exterior, terracotta tiled roof, and arched entryway. The only major variation is the setback from the northern boundary, exactly where sliding glass doors open the interior to a sunken out of doors dining room.

Integral to the new residence is an internal courtyard inserted at the centre of the floor system. The home’s a few bedrooms, two bathrooms and open-plan dwelling area wrap about this out of doors place, accomplishing an openness to counteract the somewhat compact footprint.

Matiya claims the interior aims to be ‘a minor sudden for Ainslie.’ He explains, ‘Our intention was to sit in just the band of modern-Australian model, maintaining a simplicity and authenticity during. Very little around the major, sensible, still wonderful.’ Door handles made in collaboration with Bankston Architectural add a delicate sculptural element tied to the decorative attributes of the unique residence. 

Whilst restricting the property to 127 square metres was a heritage need, this enabled a far more very affordable venture total. Building charges amounted to close to $510,000 (excluding GST) — decrease than several new architect-created houses in Australia. 

‘For a new-construct, 3-bed, and two-bath dwelling, this is great. This was reached by the restrict on the footprint and a hyper-rational strategy to functionality and beauty,’ states Matiya. ‘Much of the get the job done we do as architects is unattainable or inaccessible for most of the inhabitants, specially in the residential sphere. Functioning in industrial, civic, or public areas is unique, but usually the household projects obtaining printed and winning awards are pretty high-priced and for the incredibly wealthy… It even now might not be attainable for quite a few people to build a home for 50 % a million, but it absolutely is far more attainable than $1, $2 or $3 million.’ 

Sans-Arc have succeeded in ‘unlocking’ this dwelling to offer you good organic ventilation, normal gentle, and an openness to equilibrium its compact character. The result is heat and playful, even though in preserving with its heritage neighbours.