May 18, 2024


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7 Natural Ingredients of A First Aid Box

A first aid box is a simple box that has items we can use in the case of any medical emergency such as an accident or injury. Generally a first aid box has medical items like bandage, pills, and medicines, cotton, etc., but there are also some natural items that we can use for first aid treatment. We can even include these essential items in our first aid kit. Below I have discussed some basic things that we get from nature and can use for first aid.

Echinacea – Echinacea is a species of herbaceous plants. This is very useful and medically beneficial. Echinacea helps in maintaining a proper immune system. You can also use it as an antibiotic and antibacterial. It works perfect if used with vitamin C.

Goldenseal – also called orangeroot, it is a herb from the buttercup family. You can use Goldenseal as a multipurpose medicine as it possesses many medical properties. It is both antibiotic and antibacterial. You can apply it in powder form on the cuts to protect them from infection.

Cramp Bark – Cramp bark is an herbal alternative to painkillers. It not only heals the pain, but it also helps in energizing the parts of our body.

All Heal – it is a genus of seven species of herbaceous plants. It has many benefits including antibiotic, antiseptic, etc. You can also use it as an ointment. Its salve is a perfect alternative to Neosporin to keep the cuts clean.

Ginger – It is a root that is the rhizome of a plant. You can use it both as a medicine and as a spice. It has many medical benefits used to heal problems including stomach problems, and digestion. It is also used in tea to increase the taste of the tea.

Arnica – It is a genus with about 30 species and belongs to sunflower family. We can use Arnica commonly in two forms. As a gel, for removing bruises, healing deep aches and bringing down puffiness or swelling. Another use is to deal with headaches and recovering from trauma.

Tea Tree Oil – It is not same as tree oil and you can get it from tea tree plants that are usually found in Australia. It has multiple uses, you can use it for cleaning the face, cleaning the scratches and abrasions, etc. You can also use it as a mouth freshener.

I have discussed some really good, beneficial and pure natural medical remedies that can treat many medical conditions.