May 18, 2024


Interior The Freshmaker

5 Practical Ways To Make Your Home More Zen

Your home is your personal space – it can either help nourish and support your well-being or contribute to your everyday stress and leave you exhausted. Of course, nobody wants the latter.

Living in a fast paced world, it’s crucial that one comes home to a calm and relaxing space every day in order to rest and recharge. Having a zen home contributes to a better mood, better productivity and a clearer mind.

Here are some practical ways to make your home more zen:

Add plant life

Have you noticed how people would often plan a camping/hiking weekend or a nature road trip to escape the daily stresses of life? That’s because nothing can clear the mind better than nature!

That’s why it’s only practical to bring nature’s lush greens into your home. Not only are indoor plants relaxing to look at, but they also clear the air of toxins.


A messy and cluttered space does nothing but get in the way of one’s productivity and relaxation. To promote peace and calm at home, it’s ideal to de-clutter – get rid of the things you don’t use and need. Everything else you decide to keep should be organized and stored in their own place.


No, you don’t need to overhaul the entire house; just a few adjustments can greatly impact the mood of a space or a room. Simple things like re-painting the walls to a lighter color, re-arranging the furniture, adding a mirror or adding a colorful statement piece in a room can instantly improve the space and add to its zen.

Work on all rooms

Recognize that all rooms are important – use, clean and make each room in your abode inspired to create home unity. Of course, it’s ideal to focus on the bedroom because it’s your sanctuary.

To create a truly relaxing atmosphere in your sleeping quarters, small adjustments can make a big difference. Adjust the lighting, remove the TV, or light some candles to make it the most zen space in the house.

Use aromatherapy

Scents can greatly impact your mood as well as the mood of a room. Infuse relaxing and refreshing aromas like lavender, ylang-ylang, basil, bergamot and clary sage into your home to enhance the zen.

You can diffuse oils, light some candles or simply use home sprays to enjoy these soothing and calming scents great for reducing anxiety and stress.

Relax, recharge and unwind in your humble abode – follow these 5 effective ways to make your home more zen!