December 8, 2023


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4 Plumbing Problems That Can Ruin Your Day

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Water is extremely essential to everyday life whether you’re living in the metro or the suburbs, such as in the quiet neighbourhood of Allawah. You use it all the time for hygiene and sanitation purposes, aside of course, for home chores such as cooking, laundering, washing dishes and even watering plants.

There’s nothing that can ruin your day more cruelly than bad plumbing particularly when the pipes get broken or drippy. This could result in absence from your work and worse, in calling a licensed plumber for an emergency service.

When such an issue occurs, you have to face it fair and square in order to prevent it from getting worse. Serious plumbing issues if not dealt with immediately may cost you your entire life’s savings more so when the pipes burst.

When flooding due to unfixed leaky pipes becomes inevitable, then you’re putting not only your property but also your life at risk, including your family. Below is a list of some common problems resulting from bad plumbing.

4 Plumbing Concerns That Can Wreak Havoc To Your Day


Whether it’s your toilet or kitchen sink, fixing clogging issues should never be delayed. You may try a first-aid remedy like using the plunger but if that technique fails, better call an expert plumber. Now, if it’s your toilet that goes hay-wire you’ll not only be dealing with dirty water and stinking smell but sewage as well. There’s no other way to have the problem fixed but to call a licensed plumber Allawah tradesman.

Sewer Backup

Sewage backing up and sewage not flushing are totally different things and if any of these happens, it will surely be a homeowner’s nightmare, especially if every single drain in your home is affected. Sewer backing up might be caused by either one or a combination of these: roots of shrubs or trees that have found their way into the sewer line via fissures and cracks and then formed a blockage or else, an existing blockage farther away from your village’s sanitary main.

It’s difficult to fix sewer backup so never try to resolve it on your own. Leave the job to the hands of the professionals. What you can do to help is maybe you can find the source of the problem.

Leaking Pipes

A dripping faucet or leaking pipe can be considered an emergency situation because you can no longer control water although you can minimise damage by using a bucket to save water. For temporary remedy, you may also use duct tape to seal off some leaks but it won’t hold for long.

Just think of the wastage if these issues are not resolved fast. Don’t wait for the leaks to get bad enough. Give your plumber a call right away.

Hot Water Glitches

For sure, you don’t want to go under the shower to cleanse in either stone cold or steaming water. Anyone with no plumbing experience will never understand why water in the shower suddenly could change temperatures. It’s only a certified plumber who can do the job and it requires immediate attention.