June 23, 2024


Interior The Freshmaker

28 Teenage boys’ bedroom ideas young adults will approve of

There’s a surprising amount to consider when it comes to teenage boys’ bedroom ideas. You’re juggle costs, function, and aesthetics in what’s generally a fairly small room of the home. Not only is a boy’s bedroom for epic lie-ins and gaming sessions, but it also needs to double up as a study space. And, of course, it’s got to store all his clothes (hopefully without descending into a jumble of dirty laundry and damp towels). 

There are loads of ways to make a space your teen will never want to leave, and we think it’s important to involve them in the process as much as possible. Our teenage years are a period of transition, so bear this in mind when brainstorming teenage bedroom ideas together. Whether you stick to a blank canvas and swap out colourful accessories, or go with the flow and accept that they may well get tired of their graffiti wall or skateboard wallpaper after a couple of years.

Teenage boys’ bedroom ideas