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10 Top Los Angeles Interior Designers Near Me

Contemporary living room by Los Angeles interior designer Lori D

With their finger on the pulse of all the hottest trends and design innovation, it’s no wonder that Los Angeles interior designers are a source of design inspiration around the globe. From celebrated interior designers to up-and-coming talent, LA is the place to watch! Its expanse gives way to eclectic hubs like West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Malibu. Each home to interior designers experimenting with glamour, boho chic, transitional, and beach styles. And while the Decorilla team is lucky enough to work with top interior designers and decorators from LA, we also love to discover the ones to watch! Check out these top 10 Los Angeles interior designers and decorators near you.

Interior Design Los Angeles

Interios Designer Los Angeles

Modern living room design by Decorilla LA interior design firm

Los Angeles interior design scene is, expectedly, as vibrant, colorful, and diverse as its most famous, larger-than-life municipality. Although aligned with the tech-infused modern lifestyle, it still maintains the lavish, glitzy spirit of the Hollywood golden era. The clientele here involves some of the world’s most prominent creators of fairytales and fantasy. Consequently, interior designers are often allowed to exercise fairly broad creative freedom, leading to the creation of notable residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces.

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Best Los Angeles Interior Designers

Lori Dennis Interior Los Angeles Designer

Contemporary living room by Decorilla Los Angeles interior designer, Lori D

In a city as alive as LA, the world of interior design is subject to constant metamorphosis. The established names hold their well-earned positions firmly; however, fresh forces are always on the rise. So let’s have a look at the current list of best interior designers in Los Angeles, including a few names that Decorilla is proud to feature in its own portfolio.

Natalie Meyers

top Los Angeles interior designers Natalie Meyers

If you find the name Natalie Meyers sounding familiar, the reason might lie in her signature style. A combination of minimalist, livable north European concepts with lenient Californian sensibility earned this Los Angeles interior designer recognition both locally and nationwide. Natalie’s design vision brings the outdoor in, incorporating natural materials and textures with a major focus on sustainability. As a result, the distinguished spaces she creates are equally loved by her clients and media authorities.

LA interior designers Natalie Meyers

WHAT WE LOVE: Compositions that are calm, serene, and eye-catching at the same time.

Meric Gurani Say

LA interior designers Meric Gurani Say

With over 20 years of industry experience, Meric Gurani Say is a well-established name among the best interior designers in Los Angeles. Her portfolio includes a diversity of projects, from small-scale patios and living spaces to corporate offices and hotel designs. According to Meric, one of the best assets of being a designer is also one of its biggest challenges. It’s all about a constant reinvention and willingness to try new ideas.  

LA interior designers Meric Gurani Say

Transitional Living Room design by Decorilla interior designer, Meric S.

Meric considers her diverse different cultural aspects to be her biggest design secret. That being said, before settling down in the LA interior design scene, she spent a considerable amount of time exploring European artistic heritage. Her travels took her all around, from Rome, Milan, and Barcelona to Paris and London. As a result, these different cultural scenes yielded a significant influence, later pronounced in her genuine taste in design.

LA interior designers Meric Gurani Say

Modern Bedroom design by Decorilla interior designer, Meric S.

WHAT WE LOVE: Sophisticated combinations of contemporary elements with eclectic flair, consequently producing timeless interiors at unbeatable affordable prices.

Anna Vasiltsova 

LA interior designers Anna Vasiltsova 

Interior design in Los Angeles includes Hollywood, too, and that’s where Anna Vasiltsova established herself as a prominent creative. Her eponymous Anna Design is one of the trending modern interior design firms in Los Angeles, engaged in both residential makeovers and large-scale commercial projects. Anna works closely with the clients, driven by a desire to deeply understand their personal needs, translating them into environments. As a result, she tailors beautiful spaces, as attractive as they are comfortable.

LA interior designers Anna Vasiltsova 

WHAT WE LOVE: Custom designs, embellished with premium furniture, fabric, and lightning but also fully livable.

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Windsor Smith

LA interior designers Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith, the founder of Windsor Smith Home, Inc., has been recognized in the interior design LA scene as an innovative force. In other words, her elegant interiors carry the reputation of being an example of redefined modern-day living. Windsor’s elaborate designs are quite popular among the leaders in the entertainment and business worlds. Consequently, she keeps her creative vision fresh and ready to reflect their unique personalities and demanding lifestyles the right way.

LA interior designers Windsor Smith

WHAT WE LOVE: Vignette-style compositions perfectly balanced between classic and modern.

Lori Dennis

LA interior designers Lori DennisOne of the top interior designers in Los Angeles, Lori Dennis, is also a TED speaker, an HGTV celebrity, and a best-selling author. Moreover, she is a real influencer in the fields of decor, design, and organic lifestyle space concepts. Lori’s extensive portfolio includes residential, hospitality, and commercial projects, from interior design to exteriors and landscaping. At the same time, she describes her design style as 3C: clean, comfortable, and classic.

LA Interior designer Lori

Traditional home office by Decorilla LA interior designer, Lori D.

Lori’s scope of work includes close cooperation with licensed and bonded construction companies. Such relationships lead to a seamless design-build process as a result. Her team simultaneously streamlines each client’s vision into a cohesive space that is both livable and attractive. It’s of no wonder, then, that her biggest design secret states: Invest in quality, and you’ll only pay once.

LA interior designers Lori Dennis

Modern kitchen design by Decorilla Los Angeles interior designer, Lori D.

WHAT WE LOVE: Sustainable, environmentally-friendly interior design that makes no compromise on luxury.

Donna Livingston 

LA interior designer Donna LivingstonHouzz interior designers in Los Angeles would mostly agree with Donna Livingston’s design vision. As she points out, “it’s all about creating a well-balanced room right down to the most precise details.” With extensive experience tackling projects from construction to completion and beyond, Donna enables a seamless transition throughout the creation process. In return, her portfolio showcases a myriad of rooms defined by “feeling comfortable from the moment you step inside.”

LA Interior Designer Donna LivingstonWHAT WE LOVE: Timeless spaces depicting the designer’s appreciation for history and fine art.

Courtney Thomas

LA interior designers Courtney ThomasPrincipal designer, CEO, and interior decorator in Los Angeles, Courtney Thomas spent her formative years influenced by her designer mother. That included running around auction houses, field trips to furniture manufacturers, and also overseeing remodels and new builds. Today, she strived to create real homes, spaces functional in their layout, comfortable in their use, inspirational in their style, and luxurious in their appointment. Courtney’s inspiration lies in various forms of creative work; therefore, when she’s not composing interiors, she often spends time painting abstract landscapes

LA interior designers Courtney ThomasWHAT WE LOVE: Courtney’s design approach acting as a canvas for showcasing her clients’ experiences and memories

Joshua Rose

LA Interior Designer Joshua Rose

FORM Design Studio is one of the interior design companies in Los Angeles established as a result of the creative collaboration. In this case, it’s the Emmy award-winning designer Joshua Rose and Chinese medical practitioner Rafael Kalichstein. Joshua’s experience in visual effects and production design blended successfully with Rafael’s deep proficiency in Feng Shui, producing the “spaces that speak.” The dynamic duo’s rich portfolio features hospitality and commercial project, as well as various residential projects worldwide.

LA Interior Designer Joshua Rose

WHAT WE LOVE: Uniquely bold blends of timeless with edgy.

Timothy Corrigan

LA Interior Designer Timothy CorriganStanding out among the Houzz interior designers of Los Angeles, Timothy Corrigan also successfully runs an office in Paris. The duality helps him blend his genuine timeless design philosophy, rooting it in classic European elegance as much as in Californian laid-back comfort. Timothy has been recognized as one of the world’s top talents by Architectural Digest, preceding his continual appearance in various best designer lists. His work has been awarded worldwide, and also regularly featured on television and in prestigious publications.

LA Interior Designer Timothy Corrigan

WHAT WE LOVE: Comfortable appeal of thoughtful, redefined vision of classic design.

Amy Peltier

LA Interior Designer Amy Peltier

Amy Peltier Interior Design and Home is one of the interior design firms in Los Angeles with distinctive positive vibes. Their upbeat design offers a fresh and unique perspective on the glitz-filled glamor of Los Angeles. Amy’s designs boast clean lines and bright, vibrant color schemes adorned with curated furniture. Her signature style is California-cool, toned down with a hint of Midwestern tradition at the same time.

LA Interior Designer Amy PeltierWHAT WE LOVE: Elegant decor aligned with the proprietary shine and shimmer of Los Angeles.

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