New Homeowner Cheered for Not Giving Boyfriend Half a House They Inherited

A new homeowner has been praised online after revealing they had not put their boyfriend’s name on the house title.

In a Reddit post shared on the popular Am I The A**hole group, which can be viewed here, user aitaexchildmy explained that their grandmother passed away and left two homes for her and her sister.

The Reddit user added that they had managed to pay the tax on the home and that they did not put their boyfriend on the title as he had not financially contributed towards it.

Stock image of a female homeowner. The woman was widely praised online for not having put her boyfriend’s name on the house title.

They continued: “We had a housewarming party last weekend and his parents came up to me towards the end of the night and were going on about how lucky BF [boyfriend] and I were able to live somewhere like this rent-free and it gives us such a head start in life and they were very appreciative that I’d given half of the house to my bf.

“I corrected them that I hadn’t and he wasn’t on the title but was welcome to live with me and not pay rent so that he had more money to put towards his studies (we are both master’s students).

“They became very judgemental saying that I was being unfair not putting his name on the title, and that clearly I didn’t expect the relationship to last, I didn’t trust him etc.”

The Reddit user then told them that they were being unfair and that he was not “entitled” to half of the family’s home before they walked away.

They then started to receive several messages from her boyfriend’s family members with at least one calling them a “b****.”

According to consumer financial services company Bankrate, a house title is the “bundle of rights” that dictates who has legal or equitable interest in the property. When you buy a home, a title company carries out a title search to ensure the seller is the sole owner and that no one else has any claim to the property.

After receiving so many messages, the Reddit user said she spoke to her boyfriend about the situation on Monday, June 27, where he revealed he had taken it as “a sign I don’t trust him.”

When she explained that she would add his name when they were married, the boyfriend claimed to feel like he was being blackmailed into getting married.

Since the message was shared on Tuesday, June 28, the post has gone on to attract some 10,000 upvotes and more than 2,990 comments.

Many of those who commented on the story agreed with aitaexchildmy praised her over the decision.

One Reddit user said: “NTA [not the a**hole], and your boyfriend’s family are really overstepping here. This is none of their business and it’s very crass that they feel entitled to comment.

“He didn’t contribute at all. He isn’t your spouse. You aren’t obligated to add his name to the title.”

Another added: “NTA. Greed, one of the seven deadly sins. Your grandmother passed away and left you her home. Your boyfriend is not entitled to a damn thing.

“Your sister chose to add her husband to the title because he has accepted financial responsibility for their shared family home. Why on earth would you add someone you are dating to the title of your home and give him 50 percent equity in a home you inherited.”

A third posted: “Honestly, I don’t even care about their marital status, but he contributed nothing and isn’t paying rent or taxes for it, why on earth would it be half in his name?

“My boyfriend and I are both on our house, but we both pay the mortgage. He paid the down payment, I paid the closing costs, inspections, fees and moving costs. In other words, we both are putting ourselves into this house so it makes sense to both own it. In OPs [original poster’s] case? Makes no sense for him to have any ownership.”

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