July 16, 2024


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Ideas For Moroccan Decor And Your Home

Ideas For Moroccan Decor And Your Home

There are a number of ideas for Moroccan home decor, and these include the use of colors, accessories, soft furnishings, and wall decorations.

The colors found in Morocco are perfect for home decorating, because they are rich and exciting, and this is exactly what they will bring into your home. The homes traditionally found in Morocco may appear plain and drab from the outside, but the interiors of these homes are full of vivid colors, interesting designs, rich textures and textiles, ornate Moroccan furniture, and interesting shapes.

Moroccan home decor will include furnishings which are elaborate, surfaces which are highly decorated, and a large number of objects and art work which includes wood and brass.

Wall Decoration Ideas With Moroccan Decor

Color is crucial when it comes to Moroccan home decor. Shades of which are intense but also warm are used for the walls, and these can include yellows, reds, and oranges. A common theme with this style is to use less vivid yellows for the wall, and then to use objects and accessories which are colored more brightly as accents.

A rug which has a design that is geometric and includes colors that are warm can be ideal as a wall hanging and Moroccan decor. Other possibilities may include the use of mirrors that have wooden frames that are elaborately designed, and these accessories can make the room seem larger. You can also include smaller cupboards which have doors that are carved and intricately designed. Wall plates that have designs in turquoise and cobalt blue are traditional in Moroccan home decor and can add an interesting focal point on the wall.

Soft Furnishing Ideas With Moroccan Decor

Soft furnishings are also essential with Moroccan home decor. The fabrics used for Moroccan furniture and cushions include vivid colors and shiny metallics. Fabric choices will include silk, canvas that has been softened, chenille, brocade, and even satins. The designs used for Moroccan furniture and accessories often includes star shapes that have eight points, zigzags, crosses, and other geometric patterns. These patterns can be mixed as long as the colors are similar and work well together. Balance can be achieved by allowing plain color in some larger areas.

Shutters are normally included in most Moroccan homes, but there are other options that can work just as well. A light cotton fabric can be used which is close to the base color of the walls. Attach this fabric to a wooden pole that has a darker color utilizing tab tops for this purpose. Add some silken cord that is multicolored and adds tassels, making sure to use the same color as the room. This will create a tight back for the fabric which attaches to a walls look that is almost invisible. The same wooden Paul can be used in Moroccan home decor for another effect as well. This involves using a fabric that is light, plain, and white in color. This option gives a contrast to the colors used in your Moroccan decor.

Moroccan Flooring Ideas

With Moroccan home decor the flooring will usually include tiles, as well as dark wooden flooring and carpets in neutral colors. Colorful rugs with intricate patterns are added as well, for a layered look that is fantastic.

Moroccan Furniture Tips

Moroccan furniture involves piece is which are set low end are created for comfort as well as appearance. This furniture includes large numbers of cushions in brilliant colors, and these are very inviting. Floor cushions which are oversized can also be included in Moroccan home decor, and small stools are strategically placed around the room. The addition of a dark wood coffee table that is also set low to the floor adds another authentic Moroccan touch. Beverages such as mint tea and coffee can be served using a brass tray, and needs should be accompanied by a small bowl or plate of nuts or fruit to snack on. This will complete the Moroccan home decor and make your home a tempting oasis in the desert.